Chapter By-Laws

Chapter By-Laws of Lambda Chi Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon

814 Nebraska St.

Wayne, Ne 68787


Chapter 1

Section 1. Organization. The Lambda-Chi Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, located at Wayne State College, being fully chartered as a regular undergraduate Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, specifically adopts the International Constitution, By-Laws, and traditions of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity; and, in addition, By-Laws are adapted under which this Chapter will operate.

Section 2. Membership

Undergraduate Member Defined. An undergraduate member is a male student in good standing at Wayne State College, who has not graduated with a Bachelors degree, who shall have been regularly initiated by Lambda-Chi Chapter, and who shall not have been granted inactive status.

Graduate Member Defined. A graduate member is a male student in good standing at Wayne State College, who has graduated with a Bachelors Degree, who shall have been regularly initiated by Lambda-Chi Chapter, and who shall not have been granted inactive status.

Lambda-Chi Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon adheres to the membership standards specified in the Black Book. In addition, members are required to be enrolled, undergraduate or graduate of Wayne State College in order to be an active member. Lambda-Chi Chapter does not discriminate on the basis of race, physical condition, ethnic background, color, sexual preference, age, and political or religious belief.

Section 3. Membership Requirement. Lambda-Chi Chapter adopts the TKE New Member Program as of the fall semester of 2014. (We hereby reaffirm our belief that there is no place in fraternal organizations for hazing in any form. We adhere to the Wayne State College policy, Nebraska State Law, and Tau Kappa Epsilon Regulations against hazing.)

Section 4. Candidate for Membership. A candidate for membership must be approved prior to initiation by 2/3 of the active undergraduate members of Lambda-Chi Chapter. (A candidate shall not be in debt to the International Fraternity for his membership fees. A candidate shall not be in debt to the Lambda-Chi Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon.) The candidate must have and maintain a 2.0 GPA.

Chapter 2

Section 1. Regular Meetings. Regular Meetings of the Lambda Chi Chapter shall be held in the assigned meeting room every Sunday of the school year at 9 PM, provided that, in case of emergency or necessity, the day, hour, or place may be changed by the Prytanis upon notice in no less than 24 hours.

Section 2. Special Meetings. Special Meetings may be called at any time by the Prytanis or shall be called by him upon written request of not less than 1/3 of the undergraduate members. The purpose of the meeting shall be clearly stated in any such request, and also in the call.

Section 3.

Notice of Special Meetings. Notice of Special Meetings shall be given by posting the call in the Chapter house or by written notice at least 24 hours in advance.
Special Meeting Agenda. The Prytanis is to post an agenda of the scheduled meeting 24 hours before the meeting is held. In addition, the Grammateus or selected member will contact the other members of the Fraternity by any means necessary.

Section 4. Voting. A majority of 51% of the undergraduate active members of the Chapter shall constitute a Vote for the conducting business.

Section 5. Opening and Closing. The ritualistic form of opening and closing meetings shall never be omitted in formal meetings, except in case of emergency. (B. chapter meetings shall start with informal opening and closing at all meetings.)

Section 6. Order of Business

Opening (By ritual at formal meetings)
Roll Call
Reading of previous meetings minutes
Reports of officers
Committee Reports
Greek Council
Old Business
New Business
TKE General

Section 7. Formal Meetings. Formal Meetings at Lambda-Chi Chapter shall be scheduled at least once a month during the school year or as dictated by school and Chapter calendars.

Section 8. Absence of Meetings. Any member not having been previously excused from a Chapter meeting by the Prytanis will be marked as absent in the minutes and will lose their voting rights at the following meeting.

Section 9. Candidates Attendance. All candidates for membership are required to attend regular Chapter meetings. Big brothers are responsible for their little brothers’ attendance.

Section 10. Special Order of Business. The following shall be special order of business on the occasions specified.

At the first meeting after conclave, the report of delegates, following the reading of the minutes
On official visits by a Grand Officer, or his representative, or province supervisor, the inspection report will be given following the reading of the minutes.
At meetings called by or because of a Court Inquiry, or at which a Court of Inquiry shall be present, the business of the court shall be taken up immediately after roll call, omitting the minutes.
Charges against members shall be heard under the proper hearing, method, times, and procedure of trial selected. Membership Quality Board will preside over this trial.

The Chapter advisor selection will be the first order of business after installation of Officers.
The advisor will be retained or released by a 2/3 vote of the attending quorum.
The advisor can be released at any time by a 2/3 vote of the attending quorum at a regular or special meeting called in accordance with the Black Book and By-Laws.
At the second regular meeting of November, the election of the offices of Prytanis, Epiprytanis, Grammateus, and Crysopholos shall take place. At the third regular meeting of November the remaining offices of Hypophetes, Histor, Pylortes, and Hegemon shall be elected.
Installation of officers takes place at the next active meeting of the Chapter.
At the second regular meeting after vacancy, the election of officers will be held to fill the vacancy. Any officer is required to have and maintain at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average. With the exception of graduating seniors, officers are required to carry at least 12 academic hours in each semester while in office.

Section 11. Voting
Voting on motions shall be by the usual sign, unless a roll call is directed by the Prytanis or demanded, and the demand is seconded by two other members. All non-suspended members in attendance at meetings are required to vote, with the exception of the presiding officer, who shall vote in case of a tie. Absentee ballots are not permitted to vote on financial matters.
Candidates are not permitted to vote on financial matters.

Section 12. Student Teaching/Internship
Students who are student teaching, military leave, or who are on an internship will be excused from Chapter meetings while away from campus but will be retained on roll. At their request, fraters who are student teaching, military leave, or on an internship may be granted automatic inactive status, for voting and finances.

Section 13. Elections of Officers
If a candidate receives a 2/3 majority vote on the first ballot, he is then declared the winner. If no candidate receives a 2/3 majority vote on the first ballot, the field of candidates is reduced to the top three vote receivers. A second ballot is then conducted and the candidate receiving the majority vote declared the winner. If no majority is voted, additional balloting will be conducted until a majority is reached.

Section 14. Dress and Formal Meetings
Formal meetings must be attended in formal wear. Formal wear is defined as dress slacks and collared shirts or sweaters (No hats and No jeans.) (If you don’t come in pin attire you will be asked to leave.)

Chapter 3

Section 1. The Duties of the Prytanis

To preside over all meetings.
To enforce the constitution, laws, traditions, rituals, and local by-laws and rules at all times.
To have all the duties and powers of a president.
To meet with the Crysopholos before the close of the school year and assist in the preparation of the budget.
To assist all members of the Chapter ensuring that they receive help.
To require attendance at Chapter meetings, excusing members only for good reasons.
To assist the Epiprytanis in appointing all committees and requiring them to carry out their duties and remove members there of who may neglect their duties or abuse their powers.
In general, within constitutional and legal limitations, to do everything necessary to promote the welfare of the Chapter.

Section 2. The duties of the Epiprytanis

In the absence of Prytanis, to perform all his duties.
To have custody of all copies of the constitution and by-laws, and by-laws of the Chapter to every meeting.
To be familiar with the contents of the constitution and by-laws, and by-laws of the Chapter.
To be prepared to answer all questions concerning the constitution and by-laws, and by-laws of the chapter.
To conduct all correspondence with the Grand Officers and the chairman of the Judiciary legality of any act, proceeding or omission of the Chapter of any officer thereof.
To ensure all amendments thereof to the by-laws are written in and the by-laws are therefore kept up to date.
To keep the Chapter copies of the constitution and traditions up to date and place therein all amendments thereof.
To coordinate, with the Prytanis, the appointing of all committees, and the requiring of them to carry out their duties, and to remove members thereof who may neglect their duties or abuse their powers.

Section 3. The duties of the Grammeteus

To keep a permanent record of all proceedings of the Chapter and post said records to members of the Chapter.
To attend all correspondence not otherwise delegated, and to file and preserve copies of all correspondence of a business or official character.
To prepare and forward to the Central Office a complete record of each initiate, and to furnish the Central Office with complete information concerning affiliated, reinstated or returned members.
To certify to the Central Office nominations for Chapter Advisor.

Section 4. The duties of the Crysopholos

To act as treasurer
To collect all moneys due to the Chapter and disburse the same, paying bills, which have been approved by the finance committee.
To keep accurate and true accounts of all financial transactions.
To make reports of receipts and expenditures when required.
To remit promptly to the Central Office all fees and dues.
To make monthly written and weekly oral reports to the Chapter, at the first regular meeting after the 10th day of each month.
To make financial reports in triplicate, filing one copy with the Central Office, one with the Board of Trustees, and one with his own office as specified by international by-law.
To preside over the making of the Chapter budget.
To perform such other duties as may be prescribed in the Chapter of these by- laws on finance.
To preside over the finance committee.

Section 5. The Duties of the Histor

To file properly all matters of historical interest to the Chapter.
To act as a librarian.
To furnish correspondence to the Teke Magazine and such other information as the Executive Secretary of Fraternity Editor may require.
To furnish information and material concerning the Chapter and its membership to the Wayne Stater and other college or student publications.
To keep a scrapbook that contains all clippings and photographs and impressions of cuts relative to the Chapter and its members including programs and other such matters of Chapter interest.
To safely keep and transmit to his successor the scroll of the Chapter.
To update the slideshow for the annual Red Carnation Ball.
(see that pictures are taken throughout the semester to record chapter activities taking pictures himself or appointing someone to take them.
Section 6. The Duties of the Hypophetes

To conduct all devotional exercises.
To have custody of all rituals. (Silver Book) Keep all ritual equipment in ritual closet and may check out books only to officers.
To administer the oath of officers, elect in the absence of the retiring officer.
To preside in the absence of both the Prytanis and Epiprytanis.
To collect all grades of each member of the Chapter.
To advise with those who are deficient in their scholastic work and take such means as may be advisable to correct such deficiency, and report to the Chapter all cases of persistent delinquency, with recommendations for treatment the same.
To extend hospitality of the Chapter house to visitors and supervise ministry to their comfort and welfare.

Section 7. The Duties of the Pylortes

To act as doorkeeper at meetings.
To be custodian of the Chapter room and paraphernalia and to keep them in good order and repair and to see to it that the Chapter room is properly set up in order for all meetings.
To keep order at all proceedings of the Chapter.
To be custodian of the national and fraternal flags and colors, and to be responsible for flying both when required by tradition, or by order of the Grand Prytanis or other proper authority.
To coordinate risk management Have 1 risk management meeting per semester..

Section 8. Hegemon

To supervise the candidates for membership from the time of accepting the bid to the joining of the Fraternity until their candidacy has been fulfilled, and during the first year of candidacy/membership.
To supervise and enforce all probationary work of said candidates.
To maintain and document the process of candidates for membership and to report said progress to the Executive Council.
To operate with the Prytanis in the section of a Big Brother for each of the pledges.
Act as of the spring semester 2011, the Lambda-Chi Chapter adopts the “Blueprint Program” as their membership development program
As of the fall semester of 2010, The Lambda-Chi Chapter of TKE adapts any means of education set by the international offices of TKE.

Section 9. Advisor

In addition to the duties specified in the Black Book, by the Board of Trustees, and by Wayne State College, the advisor is custodian of savings and reserve accounts, responsible to the Finance Committee for policy and decisions regarding those accounts.

Section 10. Duties, Rights, and Obligations

The eight-jeweled officers are to serve one-year terms, exercising the duties defined primarily in the International Constitution and Laws of TKE and further defined in these by-laws.
Any eight-jeweled officers may be removed from office following an impeachment court of Inquiry followed up by a 2/3 majority vote of the chapter.
Any of the eight-jeweled officers who are absent from three meetings out of a four week period will have to stand trial by the Membership Quality Board to justify their absence. A majority vote on MQB can remove the individual from office. Failure to present their side of the case at MQB is an automatic forfeit of one’s office.

Chapter 4

Section 1. Standing Committees. The following committees shall be the regular standing committees of the Chapter.


Section 2. How appointed and terms. Said committees, and the chairmen thereof, shall be appointed by the Epiprytanis at the second meeting subsequent to his installation, to serve until the end of the school year, to serve until installation of the succeeding Epiprytanis.

Section 3. How composed. Each standing committee shall be composed of not less than two or more than five members, at the discretion of the Prytanis, and no member shall be on more than three committees, and every member shall be on at least one.

Section 4. Special Task Committees

Made by motion to accomplish a certain task.
When task is completed, the committee is terminated.

Section 5. Finance Committee (Executive Council). The duties and the powers of the Finance Committee shall be as follows:

To audit all bills applicable to Executive Council.
To require adherence to the budget by the Chapter and all officers thereof.
To audit the reports of the Crysopholos, and report thereon to the Chapter.
To examine and audit the books and accounts of the Crysopholos.
To assist the Crysopholos in the collection of dues and accounts, and to prevent delinquency therein.
To enforce the collection of penalties for delinquencies, fines for non-attendance at meetings and the like.
To see the prompt payment of all bills incurred by or on behalf of the Chapter.
To confer with Board of Trustees, on matter requiring its attention.
To receive, investigate, and report on all requests for extension of time on accounts due to the Chapter and the Fraternity, and with those granted requests to have them be relieved of penalty.
To advise the Crysopholos on all financial matters.
To advise and cooperate with the Board of Trustees.

Section 6. Social Committee. The social committee shall organize a social calendar to be approved by the Executive Council, shall have charge of all arrangements for social affairs of the Chapter, except at speaking programs for banquets shall be jointly arranged by this committee and a committee set up for that specific banquet.

Section 7. Intramural Committee. The intramural committee shall have the following duties.

To promote and supervise all campus activities of the Chapter and its members, including participation in intramural sports.
To urge each member and candidate for initiation to participate in one or more of the extracurricular activities of the college, to advise them in the selection thereof, and to assist and encourage successful service therein.
To restrain member and candidates from excessive participation in such activities to detriment of scholarship


Section 8a. Rush Chairman. The Duties of the Rush Chairman

To coordinate and organize the Rush Committee and all rush activities.

Section 8b. Rush Committee. The rush committee shall have charge and supervision of:

Securing advance information from all sources as to the desirability of students intending to attend Wayne State College.
Investigation of the scholastic records and all other available information concerning all students under consideration for membership.
Arrangement for entertainment of prospective candidates for membership (PCM’s) and inviting and securing their attendance.
Reporting and recommending PCM’s to the Chapter.
Extension of BID to such PCM’s.

Section 9. Removal. The Executive Council may remove any member of any standing committees who persistently neglects his duties, or abuses the powers of such committee.

Chapter 5

Section 1. Initiation Fee. Each candidate shall pay a percentage of the initiation fee required by the international Fraternity before his induction and shall pay the remaining balance prior to the beginning of his initiation. No extension of time may be granted on initiation fee nor shall initiation of any pledge commence under any circumstances until such charges shall be paid in full, except under unusual circumstances.

Section 2. Dues. Each member shall be assessed the parlor and social dues of the Chapter and any other assessments established by the Chapter or determined by the Finance committee. Each member also shall pay such annual fees as communicated to the Chapter by the Grand Chapter. The due dates for all dues and assessments are as announced by the Crysopholos.

Section 3. Room Rent. The amount to be paid by members for room rent is stated in the housing contracts that each tenant is required to sign.

Section 4. When delinquent. All dues and other obligations not paid prior to the convening of the last Chapter meeting of the month shall be delinquent, and shall be reported at said meeting.

Section 5. Treatment for Delinquency. All cases of delinquency shall be stand referred to the Finance committee to investigate and report to the Chapter at the next succeeding meeting. Unless said committee shall, for emergency reasons, recommended an extension of time to the delinquent for a time not longer than the emergency requires, but in no case to exceed 60 days, unless each delinquent member shall incur a penalty of 15% of the amount of his arrears, and shall stand suspended until said arrears and penalty are paid.

(Bills are considered delinquent 60 days after the beginning of the semester.) Any member not living in the Chapter house and allows their bill to exceed that amount of three months dues, has 31 calendar days from the exceeding of that amount to reduce the amount to under 1/3 of said amount otherwise the member shall go in front of the Membership Quality Board.
After the member has left Wayne State College or the Chapter, or after the Finance Committee has so directed, or on the first working day following Summer Retreat, a delinquent account may be charged the Past Due fee of 30% and may be turned over to a collection agency for immediate action. Until such a time as this delinquent account is paid in full a member is automatically suspended from member privileges unless otherwise directed by the Finance Committee.
Any member who is living in the house at anytime and allows their bill to exceed that amount of 3 months rent and dues has 31 calendar days from exceeding that amount to reduce the amount to under 1/3 of said amount, otherwise the person shall be evicted from the house, unless the member is on a payment plan and follows that plan to the stoppage of payment to reduce their bill to below 1/3 of said amount. All delinquent rent consequences are left in the discretion of the advisor/landlord.

Section 6. Summer Dues. Summer dues for all members are as set by the Finance Committee each year.

Section 7. Suspension. Any member suspended shall be excluded in Chapter Meetings form voting on any matter whatsoever, from attending participating in Chapter social affairs, from representing the Chapter in any intramural activity, whatsoever, and he shall stand suspended from the exercise of any office he shall hold, and from serving on any committee of which he shall be a member, but he shall not be excused from the attendance of any Chapter meetings.

Section 8. Officer Suspended. In case any officer shall be suspended, the Prytanis shall temporarily fill the office by appointment, until the suspended officer shall be reinstated or removed.

Section 9. Continued Delinquency. On continued delinquency of rent or dues the Membership Quality Board shall decide the penalty.

Section 10. Withdrawing Support. No member shall be permitted to withdraw from the Chapter House, or withdraw or withhold financial support from the Chapter or any activity or enterprise legally authorized and carried on by the Chapter, without formal consent, given at a meeting in which may be occupied by members or pledges, such case will be referred to the Finance Committee for investigation and recommendation to the Chapter.

Section 11. Expenditures. No expenditures shall be made, billed, or indebtedness incurred for any purpose whatsoever, by any person whatsoever, unless expressly authorized by the Chapter or by these by-laws. Except as noted in the budget each year, no officer, committee, or event chairmen may expend more than half of the published budget line item in any semester.

Section 12. Dispute. All disputes over accounts of members shall stand referred to the Finance Committee and no member shall be suspended or incur penalty for failure to pay any disputed item or items until the dispute has been decided or adjusted by said committee, but the member shall not thereby be permitted to delay the payment of undisputed items, and shall incur the usual penalties for such delay. An appeal may be had from the committee to the Chapter at its next meeting and its decision by majority vote shall be final, unless reversed by the Grand Prytanis on further appeal.

Chapter 6
House Rules

Section 1. House Manager. Members living in the house shall choose a house manager the first week of a new semester. His duties will be to assign jobs to maintain the upkeep of the house.

Section 2. Quiet Hours. During the week at the TKE house, quiet hours go into effect at 11:30 PM to 10:00AM unless excused by Executive Council. All persons in the fraternity shall obey this rule.

Section 3. Socials

Lambda-Chi Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon does not have open socials. PCM’s are invited by members only. Guests must be escorted by a member at any party.
No alcoholic liquor shall be served at social functions sponsored by the Chapter, unless private company with the proper liquor license serves and takes home 100% of the profit this only applicable at social functions not on the premises at 814 Nebraska Street or said TKE house.
For all school night social events or socials, PCM’s shall not consume alcohol after 2 a.m. For weekends limited social “noises” in effect at 3 a.m.
No social events at which alcohol is consumed will be permitted on school nights with the exception of socials approved by the Executive Council and tenants of the house on special occasions.

Section 4. Parking: Parking arrangements will be assigned by house manager at the beginning of the school year and can be changed accordingly by house manager to accommodate new tenants as they move in. If guests park in the back and choose to stay parked for a night, a $5.00 fee will be billed to tenant whose guest parked in another tenants parking. With exception on certain persons agreed upon by chapter house residents. Guests can park on weekends for free if a spot is open and not being used by a tenant all weekend. Guests must be out of parking lot by noon on Sunday.

Section 5. House Guests: Are allowed to stay when agreed upon by chapter house residents.

Section 6. Clean-up. All members will be required to attend house clean-up on designated day that is voted upon. Unless cleared by house manager. Punishments will be decided by house manager and Prytanis.

Section 7. Social Calendar. A social calendar must be posted every week by the social chairmen and approved by the Executive Council. On this calendar the list of events should include social, intramural, and extra-curricular activities on campus and Chapter activities.

Section 8. Class Schedule. The Hypophetes is responsible for posting a class schedule of persons living I the house in the hallway by the meeting room.

Section 9. TKE Public Relations

TKE shirts, buttons, or insignia are required to be worn on assigned days determined by chapter at the beginning of each semester/year. All members are to partake in this for publicity.

Section 10. Residence in Chapter House. Chapter Members desiring to live in the Chapter house must execute a housing application with the Chapter Advisor, members then must execute a Housing Contract with both the Chapter Advisor and the Executive Council prior to being assigned a room in accordance with the Chapter policies on room assignment. Members will be living under the conditions of the posted Housing Contract until such time as their residency is terminated by the Executive Council, Chapter Advisor, or by any member upon vacating the premises (personal effects must be removed). Questions regarding charges, facilities, assignments, and duties will be referred to the Executive Council. All house residents will be assigned house duties. Failure to accomplish those duties may be grounds for termination of the Housing Contract.

Chapter 7

Section 1. Low GPA. Any member who receives below a 2.3 grade point average per semester will be required to attend a minimum of one study hall per week unless cleared by the Hypophetes. Those who do not attend required study hall will be dealt with accordingly by Hyophetes and Prytanis.

Section 2. Account Credit for achieving Cherry/Gray List. If a member acquires a GPA of no less than 3.5 that member qualifies for the Cherry List, that member shall be credited $25.00 to their TKE account. If a member acquires a GPA of no less than 3.75 that member qualifies for the Gray List., that member shall be credited $50.00 to their TKE account. Any member that qualifies for the Gray List is not entitled to the benefits of the Cherry List. The GPA qualification is based upon the semester GPA and not a cumulative GPA.

Chapter 8
Membership Quality Board

Chapter 9

Section 1. How Made. Proposed amendments to Chapter by-laws shall be submitted to the Epiprytanis who shall post the same on the bulletin board and present the same at the next regular meeting under new business for discussion after which the proposed amendment shall lay on the bale until the next regular main when if duly seconded and receiving 2/3 favorable vote shall be declared adopted.

Section 2. Duty of Epiprytanis to enter. It shall be the duty of the Epiprytanis to immediately enter in all amendments into all existing copies of the by-laws.

The Lambda-Chi Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon at Wayne State College was installed as a chapter on September 28, 1968.

Since 1899, Tau Kappa Epsilon has never had an exclusionary clause for membership. TKE does not judge men on their wealth, rank or honor, but instead on their personal worth and character.

Our mission is to "to aid men in their mental, moral, and social development for life." In essence, we build Better Men for a Better World.